Cupping therapy

An Ancient technique used for centuries in the treatment and prevention of verious conditions.  It utilises vaccum custion cups that are applied to the skin on specific points on the body related to specific organs and energy channels. It increases the blood flow to the specific areas used to improve the functioning of the underlying organs by proving fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients to the organs and tissues and at the same time increases detoxification of those organs. the skin may appear discoloured (reddish or blueish) similar to a bruise due to this effect and also depending on the amount of toxins in the body. In this way cupping therapy can be used for any tyoe of illness condition and also as a health maintenance form of therapy to prevent disease.

There are two main forms of cupping therapy: Dry cupping and Wet cupping. Dry cupping is when the skin is massaged with specific oild suitable for the patient’s condition followed by application of the cups via vaccum suction on specific points of the body and allowed to take effect for 10-20min depending after which it is released and removed. this is excellent for muscular tension, joint or muscular inflammation and serves as a form of relaxation therapy whilst speeding up the internal healing system of the body.

Wet cupping starts off with a dry cupping procedure but only allowing the cups to be on the skin for 5 min or so aftwer which they are released. This is follwed by a few light inscisions with a sterile scalpel blade on the areas of the skin where the dry cupping was performed (usually shows discoloration). The suction cups are then reapplied on the areas to allow drainage of the toxic blood from the skin and interstitium into the cups. Research shows that this is an excellent form of detox for the organs, relieves pain, reduces cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood, reduces high blood pressure, controls asthma, relieves headaches, sinusitis and effective in treatment of all types of conditions due to this mechanism of action.

Fire cupping/Flash Cupping Therapy involves the use of a small controlled flame inserted into a glass cup creating a vacuum suction when applied onto the skin when the flame dies. This method is excellent for conditions that require heating and increased circulation such as Muscular Ailments like fibrositis as well as general ailments like infertility and nerve impinchment to name a few. Furthermore, cliding or moving cupping can be done to exure deep tissue massage and stimulation.